The Ultimate Birthday Present.

As seen on that Youtube video above and most of the pictures on Facebook, this is my ultimate present for my best friend, Nicole Chew.


I know it’s all over my Facebook, my Youtube channel but I’m going to post it up on my blog too! I’ll give you a summary on what happened when Jyh Yong and I went to the city to do your birthday present.

I refused to take the bus and suggest Jyh Yong to take the train. In the train, we were so excited. We got to Central and me being all so “smart” suggested instead of wasting money to board the next train, we got lost walking around. Literally, LOST. And you can call us Malaysians. We got lost walking in our own city! We somehow managed our way until a forest reserve.

I know you’re laughing but it’s true! We had to stop and drank water and a lot of people mistaken us for tourist! Our relieved face when we reached KLCC. The joy of going “I thought this walk would never be over!”. Our appendixes, toes, knees and leg muscles hurt so much from running and walking around.

Oh yes, I nearly got knocked by cars and motorcycles a few times because I was in the midst of a sugar rush and my head wasn’t thinking right. In other words, we both complained so much. Even though it was my idea of doing it, I can’t believe I, myself, came up with it in the first place!

Anyways, Nicole, my main reason of making signs saying ‘Happy Birthday, Nicole’ in four different languages – Latin, German, English and Japanese – and asking random strangers to hold it up and taking pictures….well, I just wanted you to have something you cannot buy.

Both Jyh Yong and I actually wanted to get you this Gucci perfume but then we came to a conclusion that if we purchased anything from a mall, you can get it too. So this is something where you can’t purchase from a mall or any market. It’s something out of the box. Something you can’t compare.

Happy Birthday, Nicole! 

I’m sorry if this isn’t something you want or hoping for but I hope this counts. I hope that our effort and time is worth everything. If I’ve ever made you upset, I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart. I know this is nothing much ; just a video and a few pictures, but this is all I could come up with.

I’m sorry if I was terrible best friend or someone whom you can’t lean onto 😦 Forgive me, Coley. This is somewhat my apology. For everything you’ve done, this is for you. That necklace and all those letter you wrote for me. I couldn’t ask for a better best friend but you.

Once again, Happy 18th, Nicole. You know I’ll always love you.

From the person who shares the same name with a yellow bear with a red shirt in Disney ♥


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