Have you ever had that moment when you just want to runaway so badly because you can’t take it anymore? That very moment when someone tells you that they won’t leave you but they’re the first one to leave? You’ve lost all trust in people because you don’t know whether they’re just faking it or not.

You look around and you’re standing alone ; battling a silent war. The only person that you want to talk to is miles away from you. So you just shut the world off by drowning yourself into songs that means a lot to you. You need a holiday. A long holiday to clear your mind and find yourself.

You gave up telling the so called ‘best friends’ your day because you know they wouldn’t care. You gave up in hoping for the better and you’ve ended up knowing and expecting all the worse possibilities that could ever happen. You miss that one friend so much that everything inside of you aches for his presence. You know that moment?

That moment where you’re slowly breaking in the inside ; Bit by bit and soon, it’ll all fall down.


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