Full of yourself.

Dear you,

Today, I silently asked God why He created you. Why did he created someone who is so arrogant, egoistic and so full of himself. I just don’t understand that mentality you have. I don’t know you personally so I’ve no clue what you’re like in the inside but if on the outside you’re already like that…I have no question about the inside of you.

Insulting me being a failed emcee is one thing but being a total douche to a lot more people is another thing. Is it fame or popularity that you want for? Is it attention that you beg for? If you think you can be a better emcee, then go ahead. Be then. Yes, I am mad at you because I can’t believe you said that. Did I do anything to make you feel inferior? Did I make you feel like a total loser?

Because you and I both know that we barely exchange a string of words to each other. You don’t know me and you insulted me. *claps* Bravo. You must be so proud of yourself. You treat people like your stepping stones. You treat us like we’re just emotionless dolls! You don’t care how we feel and you like being the alpha male.

Well boy, heads up. You want to be the alpha male and gain popularity? You have it. You have made all of us hate you. I guess that’s what you wanted right? Being popular and treating others like dirt.


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