12 years of being friends.

Honestly, I don’t know how to describe our 12 years of friendship. 12 years of journey. 12 years of growing up side by side. Seeing one another grow taller and being there to pick each other up when we fall.

We’re totally opposite people. I like History and you love Maths. It’s insane how we could be friends.  😀 You’re exactly two months older than me. That means, 2 months of being my “big brother”. Being in the same school as you for 11 years was truly amazing.

Those tears we shed, laughter we made, and all those moments where we have “love” problems. History was made on the second of school when we were 7.  I sat next to you in Moral class and then BOOM. You and I became friends until this very day.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRYAN CHIN ZHE YAN! Words can’t describe how much I am grateful of you to be by my side. Thank you. Today, you turn 18 and yes, you’re officially legal now. I’m not there physically to celebrate your birthday but I hope this counts.

Look at us in the picture! Man, that was the one day, I love so much. I went home crying because you, Kenny, Meng Li, Gary and Edric came and surprised me for my 17th birthday. We were actually laughing in the picture and this was the best.

Thank you for being so patient with me all these years ; even though I know there are times where you want to say “Winnie, shut up.” But you always sit there and teach me Math patiently. Thank you for always being the one where I rant to when I have the slightest issue. I take the opportunity now to say that I’m sorry if I’ve ever hurt you in these 12 years of friendship.

Once again, Happy Birthday! May all your dreams come true. And don’t let anyone tell you you’re not worth it, alright? I need you to stay the same smart mathematician retarded best friend 🙂 Far or near, I’m always here 


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