The Lala Boy.

Dear Boon,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope today you had a blast. I mean minus the part where we all camped in the library and stressed over our laptops doing our assignments but I hope at least we managed to make you smile right? 🙂 Well, this is the only picture I’ve got of you today because I didn’t take a picture with you but I hope this counts.

As a lot of people post on your Facebook wall,  text, Whatsapp, but I’m making this blog post for you. So all my readers out there around the world would be reading this! 😀 Yes, I’m going to make this really special!

Boon, thank you for patiently teaching me math and I know how many people are so frustrated when they teach me math. But thank God, you actually take your time and be patient with me. Thank you also for fetching me back home. Well,  pssstt! You drive better than Wei Siong! 😉 Yes, very safe and you don’t really drive fast.

I feel safe in your car! Yaay! Though we don’t really talk much but hey, I’m glad we met, you lala boy! Anyways, last week, at Nicole’s house, we celebrate your birthday. Although it was a little failed, I hope it still made you speechless. Jyh Yong, Nicole, Daryl and I went out shopping and stopped by the bakery to get your cake. I hope you enjoyed it!

HAPPY LEGAL BIRTHDAY, BOON HOU! May all your wishes and dreams come true.


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