E Kent,

Hello! šŸ™‚ Tomorrow is gonna be your birthday and this is my birthday post for you. Honestly, I still do miss you a lot, Kent. Remember when the both of us sat outside the examination room so nervous? And didn’t know what the examiner would be like because we were the youngest in the class?

When we walked in, introduced ourselves and took our seats, you and I were like the DYNAMIC DUO. Due to your team work, we did really well for that exam! And for all the other group work too! You’ll be turning 17 soon. You were the only boy in the class and the youngest. All us girls treated you like a little brother.

I miss you E Kent. Everyday. I know you’re with God now and heaven must be really beautiful. šŸ˜‰ All of us are going to celebrate your birthday with a big fat cake! You’re still my inspiration. You were a strong fighter and didn’t want to give up.

Well, Happy Birthday Siow E Kent! Rest in peace :’)


One thought on “#happybirthdaysiowekent

  1. Hello, It’s E Kent Parents here. Thank very much for remembering him. We don’t know your name but you must be the one who teamed with him for his cambridge oral examinaiton in TTDI. We will be holding a memorial prayers service in our home on Saturday March 31, 2012 @730PM follow by buffet dinner. Wish you and his cambridge friends can come.

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