Pictures through my eyes.

Here’s a question. What do you see when you look at this picture?

Yes, you see what’s left in the ruins of a castle ; Kellie’s Castle. But do you see?

It’s not a matter whether you can take the greatest picture or be a great photographer. But lies behind the picture is what captures the attention of a great photographer.

It’s what you tell the person who is looking at it. You want to tell that person what you see, that’s why you captured it in the first place. What caught your eye as the photographer must capture that person’s eyes who is looking at the picture that you captured.

For me, my pictures can never turn out perfect and it may need editing sometimes. But look at this. No editing or what-so-ever. It’s the beauty of it that caught my eyes in the first place. And as I capture the picture with my camera, I want you to see the same beauty that I see in my eyes.

And that’s what I think is a good picture. A good photograph. It’s when you pick up that photograph, things will start racing through your mind. Memories, stories and sometimes it’ll lift your cheeks up ; showing a smile.

I see a dream and passion in this picture that I’ve captured. So tell me again, what do you see? 🙂


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