My Silent Prayer.


This is my silent prayer. My little debate. You see, Lord, it isn’t fair really. I’m actually losing people to cancer. I lost E Kent to cancer and me debating with You, I guess he was better with You.

Now, Pn Wu has cancer too. And you know how much she means to me. She’s such a great biology tuition teacher. Yes, I’m here to pray that You’ll stretch out Your healing hand to her, Lord.

I’m not ready to lose her. She has to be there for me to ask for her blessings before I sit for my biology paper. Lord, the reason I’m pray or shall I say debating with You is, Pn. Wu, she’s a teacher where I found hope.

She placed hope in me. And strength. With her love, dedication and guidance. I need her, Lord. I really do. It’s not fair that You’re taking everyone from me. Even granduncle Thomas is having cancer.

Lord, as You can see, I’m about to lose 2 people to cancer. Granduncle Thomas and a dear teacher. I’ve always lost a friend to cancer. I can’t lose 2 other people who means the world to me. Please Lord. Pn. Wu has to be there when I collect my results next year and granduncle Thomas has to be there during my wedding.

O Lord, I ask and pray a little miracle would happen. Nothing more. They mean the world to me right now. So here’s my silent prayer ; My little debate.

In Jesus most precious name I ask and pray,



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