No one will replace you. I mean, who could? You were such a fighter. I wonder whether Heaven has mail services. So that way, I can write a letter and mail it over. But then again, you’ll be laughing at how silly I am for doing such things.

You’ll pay me a visit won’t you? You’ll show up in my prayers again, won’t you? I’ve got so much things I want to tell you. I know you probably already know all of them but it’ll be nice to talk to you.

It was because of you I try my best not to cry. I hold my tears and I know you don’t want to watch me cry. I miss you. Here, I know! We’ll have a picnic. I’ll make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and we can sit down on a bench and talk 🙂

You’ll tell me what’s Heaven like and I’ll tell you how life is. I really do miss you, E Kent. A lot. Everyday.


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