Books and papers.

It’s been hectic. Yes, 24 hours doesn’t seem enough. I’m beginning to feel like Amer. Mummy even thinks I’m stressing too much. Even the guy at Starbucks think that I’m crazy for having 5 reference books for Chemistry and occupied two coffee tables.

I don’t think so. According to Amer, I am normal. Normal enough to have the worst headache ever till I can’t sleep. Well, to get that dream school, it comes with hard work, right?

Mummy says I look like a walking zombie. With the eye bags, lack of energy and with that stress face. Yes, 24 hours is not enough. 😦

Oh this is my arm.

It says hello to you. During the hours of exams, the pain was excruciating but I manage to continue. No pain no gain?

I’ll be back soon. 😉

PS : Dear Siow E Kent, I thank you for paying me a visit during times that I need you. Though school had been rough, seeing you happy up in heaven makes me happy. :’)


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