Because I love @Yuenniekins :)

I know I’m two days late but dear YUEN, first off :


I love you and I hope you enjoy your present and my shoe-laced card. I’m sorry yesterday we didn’t get to talk much as I was busy walking up and down. I feel bad. But yuen, here’s something I want to tell you.

Dear Yuen Min,

You’re a girl with this whole bunch of craziness and cuddliness all mixed into one. Today, as I write this, I thank God, that I’ve met you in camp. We’ve got a lot closer since then. I’m sorry for ditching you for tuitions all the time on Skype but soon, you and I will be as free as bird for there won’t be anymore exams.

Then, we’ll skype all day! Right now, I thank you for being a great friend. I love you. Happy Birthday!

Loads of wrapped up love, Winnie. 8)


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