Heads and hairs.

Here I am. Picking out hairstyles and mummy agreed on all the hairstyles I chose. But it all comes to one because of me not having more than on head. These are my hairstyle nominees for my head.

1. Keri Hilson

When I straightened my hair, at one point I did find myself look like Keri Hilson but the edges of my hair wasn’t curve. More of straight :O

And at some point of the time, I wanted to snip everything off and have this hair!

Now, I’m thinking that the next time I straighten my hair, I should ask my hair stylist to do this! :O

2. Pixie Lott

Three days ago, I wanted this hairstyle! The whole Bob cut like.

But the fear that it wouldn’t fit to my face is there 😦 I’m scared it’ll turn out too short!

3. Frankie Sandford

Yesterday, Teepa and I agreed on having this hairstyle after prom. I so want this hair but knowing school, girls can’t cut it too short. But the whole point of this hairstyle is to have the back super short!

Thus, I’m still weighing the pros and cons of each hairstyle which left me in the state of dilemma. Help me? 😦


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