To my parents.

You see, like any other girl, my mummy and daddy means a lot to me. For the matter of fact, parents means a lot to everyone.

Thus, this post is for you, mummy and daddy ♥

THANK YOU for :-
● Being there for all my sports day when I participated or not.
● Being there for all my squash tournaments.
● Being there for all my swimming competitions!
● Not missing a single report card day of mine. (I hope I didn’t give you a head ache!)
● Being behind the scenes in everything I do.
● Sitting there and listen to me talk since day one 🙂
● Taking me to places where my friends never been before (like Club Med and Niah Caves)
● Showed me the right from wrong.
● Making me smile all the time 😀
● Being proud at me even though I know I’m not proud of myself most of the times.

I remember one clear memory when I was anchor woman for my relay during swimming. We came in last and I was the last one to swim. When I got out the pool, everyone stared at me as I bagged the last place with my team. Being anchor woman was hard for me as I one whole lap being of the other teams. But when I came up, mummy gave me a hug saying that “Win, I’m proud cause you finish it. It’s okay if you got last.

That made my day of course. Daddy on the other hand, came for one competition and he cheered so loud till I could hear it under water! I remember Aunty Amy telling me : “Girl, you should me proud of you daddy. Among all the parents that were here, no parent cheered for their kid that loud before! If I were their kid, I’d be jealous of you 😉

Thus, both of you made me ; A girl who’s hard headed, pick herself up when she falls and a girl who will make you proud. Thank mummy and daddy. I love you (:


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