My Testimony.

Dear E Kent,

Thanks for being there during my devotion time. I really appreciate it. I mean, staying up till 3.30 in the morning for devotion is not my thing. In fact it’s mjy frist time actually. Kent, I’m sure you heard me talking about you in my testimony today right? Well, you’re still the same person to me. I know I know. It’s like dull sounding but everyday I’m reminded on how much you’ve taught me.

Really. I miss you. I think everyone saw that. Though I must admit, studying the Bible before devotional time and staying up was actually worth it. No joke. It’s amazing how I’m still so awake while typing this when all the other campers are probably sleeping. When I told everyone, they were like “Girl, give me your devotional notes!”

I think you’re my guardian angel. Though I know I don’t have one and everyone else did. But, then I look at it. I have you as my guardian angel and you’re way better. 😉

I still miss you. I’ll always do. Rest in peace. ♥


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