I need a doctor to bring me back to life.

Dear granduncle Thomas, I love you. Don’t leave me, please? No one will be holding my palms and reading them. You’re the only palm reader I know that whatever you said, it came true.

Don’t leave me please? Who will be buying durians, crabs, clams, breakfast and Canadian candy for me? My heart shattered when I saw you tearing and gave me your weakest smile when I wished you goodnight just a while ago. I know how much you love Starbucks because every visit, I’ll be buying Starbucks. I promise that when you come out for your flight back to Canada, I’ll buy you Starbucks.

E Kent, if the Lord takes my granduncle, you take care of him okay? He’s old and he’s pretty fragile. I love him a lot. He won’t be buying me Canadian candies anymore. Not now, probably not ever. So take care of him for me okay, Kent?

I love you, granduncle Thomas. That’s all I want you to know.

I hate this game. Stop winning, cancer.


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