Close your eyes and open them. What do you see?

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always pictured myself standing in an imaginary opera or orchestra stage. My eyes will focused on the hundreds of seats and magnificent lights. And there’ll be this grand piano with its top wide open. And also, there’ll be ballerinas dancing and an outstanding choir group accompanied with stringed instruments.

Foot says she believes in my dreams. If I do get to stand on that stage, the first thing I’ll do is scream and jump on the slippery floor board. 😀 It’s always a dream. And people says dreams come true. What if this time it comes true? My goodness. I’ll be screaming so loud making sure I can hear my own echo. Dreams. But let’s face reality here, people! It’s just a dream 🙂

#100factsaboutme – Before I die, I have to play the harp.


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