From jumping till fainting.

Easter Rally was great. I’m sorry but I won’t go into details because I was basically being the camera woman. Anyways, let’s skip all the way to after the rally shall we? 😀

Meet Justin! Who well, drove me all the way home after having lunch 🙂

And also my partners in crime who tortured poor Justin 😀 Poor boy. Got bullied by Mon!

Oh gosh. Dear Justin, I’m super sorry about the cheesecake! Okay. Attention! Whoever who got to eat the cheesecake, you’re lucky OKAY. You only had it because I HAD to save the ugly looking cake form being REALLY ugly! I felt like crying because it was so ugly! Thank God Ryan was there to calm my heart attack!

I’m super duper sorry you only got like half of the cheesecake, Justin! Anyways boy, Happy Birthday! I hope you liked the white chocolate cheesecake that I baked 😉 You’ll bake a cake right when it’s my birthday? HAHA 😀


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