Gives You Hell.

Yesterday, I spent recess sobbing and wiping my tears as I talk to Danny. I’m sorry Dan if I bothered you during your duty. I just sat there like some depressed person spilling and wondering how to get even. I feel bad because instead of getting even, I cursed hoping that you’ll fall.

Yeah, curses like that (Of course what I cursed was much more brutal). I feel mean now. But Danny said I’m not that bad considering I never really did it because in the end, no matter how angry I am, I’ll just sit and cry. My leftie felt bad too for seeing me so down.

Dear you,

I HOPE YOU FALL DOWN AND GET PERMANENT HEAD DAMAGE. Okay. I’m not that mean. You’re already such a niggardly person that’s why you made me miserable. Given a chance, you would’ve died by now but here you are. Still breathing aren’t you? I’m not gonna forgive you. Not now anyway. I mean, till karma gives you huge smack across the face, then I think we’re even.

So now, I’m done crying and packing my little rain drops of tears and pride. Like Danial said, you’ve got no pride that’s why you go round telling people about me. My mummy isn’t like that and I wonder whether your son thinks that same about you. Your son’s nice to me somehow. I think he knows that I don’t really like you that’s why. So I think he’s trying to say sorry.

But I hope you read this because from now on, when you see my face, I hope it gives you hell.


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