Khakis and hats!

I don’t know where this road is going to lead me but I’m hoping that with you I can make it through. I’ve had enough of this life to lead me right up to the edge of the world I knew. I can’t wait just to see another day , if it means it’s one, one day that I’m with you. Down this road ; We’ll look back at all we’ve known. Find a life I can grow old. Just passing through in the world I knew.
Jordin Sparks : The World I Knew.

It’s like déjà vu listening to this song because just like a couple of days back, Kat and I was just browsing around in National Geographic! I pretty envy those photographers. Those moments that the photographer captured of animals is just so bewildering! Hi Jordin Sparks. Why does your video have such cute baby cheetahs and lions in it?!

Makes me what to fly to the African safari and just pinch all of them! 😀


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