Like A Bird.

Today I flew. Okay, more like less than 5 seconds. But hey, I still flew, right Danny? Today, I

● felt like a human bird.
● braided my hair and looked like a little girl.
● realized I was talking to myself in the chemistry lab.
● talked non stop to Shang Qin.
● stared blankly into space which made Danny think I was flirting with someone that isn’t there.
● ‘stole’ a passport picture and Dan and Shang Qin took it back from me.
● decided to search for Dory because I already found Nemo 😀

These were the “symptoms” when a girl named Monica wasn’t around and wasn’t sitting next to me. Oh, I almost forgotten, Shang Qin actually survived after today. 🙂 Today, I also realized, that maybe Danny is right. I MIGHT need a special doctor afterall. 😀


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