I miss swimming. Or at least doing all those laps during training. I did however made a trip to the pool which was funny.

Uncle Soon : Can you swim? It’s been a long time since you swam you know!
Winnie : Are you saying that I will drown?
Uncle Soon : I didn’t say that.
Winnie : I know this pool with my eyes closed okay? 😀

5 Minutes later.
Winnie : *stand at the edge of the pool getting ready*
Uncle Soon : *shouts in my ear* ON YOUR MARK
Winnie : *screams*
Uncle Soon : *pushes me*
Winnie : *in the water* HAH! Told you I can float! 😀

Ah, the good ol’ days where swimming played an important role in my life. I think it’s coming back to me now. I mean, what other sports can you do when you can’t hold your racket right? 😉


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