Only these people.

This year, I didn’t make it for CIMB. So, because of that, my co-captain decided to torture me! Sometimes dan, you’re too crazy! 😀 Though I must say I hate you too! 😀 Who called and tell me you know who lost!

D : Win, guess what?!
W : What Dan?
D : You know who is here and there are loads of guys stripping!
W : Hi Danial. I’m going to hang up the phone now out of jealousy!

W : OH! WHAT?!
D : He lost. *laughs*
W : Eh, I hate you! WHY ARE YOU SO MEAN?
D : *laughs*

See co-captain! You’re the ONLY person on earth who does this to this captain!

I’m still persuading mummy to fetch me to support this ‘little’ girl in action in court! Jadie, you did y our best okay? I mean, I played with a national player the other day and I know what it feels like! If you were to in the court with her, I would also lost. So it’s okay 🙂

And because everyone’s talking about CIMB and squash, I had a dream. I had a dream back when it was 2003 and Coach Kelvin thought me. Gah. I need hold my racket but the fear is there. Sighs. I’m not going to lie to you but tennis elbow is a curse to any player.


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