*clears throats* I would like to wish the most retarded, craziest, funniest and awesome co-captain! Danial, Happy 17th! I know you had an awesome one today. Yes, I even got embarrassed when teacher had to shushed me because I sang “Happy Birthday” to you on our way back to class. The whole classed laughed at me! See, I got myself embarrassed for a bestie! HAHA 😀

Danial, thanks for being there when I was so stressed up during MSSS. Thank God it’s over now. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed your Cappuccino Cheese Cake because I had so many cheese cakes to choose from. So in the end I had to go with my guts and chose cappuccino flavoured 😀 In all my years that I’m in the squash team, I think working with you was like having the best partner in crime ever! I couldn’t ask more from a fellow team mate/ co-captain!

Yes, readers. This boy actually ran all the up the canteen (which was up a hill) and got ice when I was injured. Even the St. Johns lost to him. Danny, you weren’t only a great friend who always got my back but you were also someone who could bring smiles to anyone when they’re down!

Happy Birthday! May the year 2011 be the year where all your dreams come true! 😉


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