Sometimes, you just have to have it in you.

Today, I met a girl. A girl that thought me the true chutzpah of a game. Something even I can’t seem to find until today. Her name is Estee ; a girl who did her best in the court while playing with me. She was also a girl who lost to me during our game. But what surprised me the most was, even though she lost, she gave me a hug and thanking me for the game instead of just shaking my hand and walked out of the court wishing me luck for the next game. Yes, she was the girl who taught me the true meaning of sportsmanship.

So dear team, as captain, I don’t want to hear each one of you complaining about one another. It’s a game. If we lose, we walk out with pride that you’ve done your best just like Estee did. It’s okay if we lose. Then we shall be a good loser who gives people smiles and hugs. Thanks Estee! You taught me something that no one ever did. The spirit of a sport. 🙂


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