Scrupulously, I really do think that my friends are like that. Sometimes, have you ever wondered how the last people you would imagine would actually sit next to you and ask what’s wrong and you instantly changed your impression of them? This week, I was probably in my most woeful state ever which made everyone wonder what’s wrong with me.

Even Irfan and Musa (whom I never really talk to) actually asked me what’s wrong and tried to help me cheer up! Yes, even you, Serena who gave me allegiant pats and hugs! Oh how could I ever forget about Darshee and her “Yindian” slang. So I would like to thank all of you because you told me to hang in there and I did. Thank you :’)

PS : Take me from me, sometimes, you may think life’s unfair but look on the bright side, God gave you sometimes that other people don’t have. And what did He gave me? Something called “Friends”.


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