A man’s broken dream.

And this heartbreak world ; Of just imagine, with it’s tired talk of better days. And this heartbreak world, where nothing matters. Come on lets make the dream that’s barely half awake come true. Matt Nathanson – Heartbreak World.

What is making Winnie so busy? Well, while everyone is singing Christmas carols, Winnie is off getting herself stuck at this underground tower thingamajig which is in the middle of nowhere and singing forlorn songs. Scratch that. She’s actually thinking how and counting the days till the prince charming come. Prince charming, a little help?

I know what you’re thinking. Seeing the title itself makes you beg “You have go to be kidding me, Win. Another one of those depressing post?” Maybe? Okay, yes but it’s not that depressing. So let’s start shall we? Unlike most people, instead of going abroad during the holidays, I was busy walking in the past.

This is what I look like if I’m trying to figure out where I am if I were William Kellie.

So, I’ve decided to tour around an incomplete castle called Kellie’s Castle. I know you’ve heard of that story that Sir Kellie built the castle for his sweetheart as a gift but she didn’t die. In fact, most people think that the castle was never completed because he was heart broken due to his wife’s death. There goes the buzzer for that is wrong. I, who was standing in the scorching hot sun reading the story behind the whole castle have indeed know this :

A virulent strain of the Spanish flu spread from Europe to Asia soon after World War I ended in Europe, killing many of the workers in the Kellas Estate. Seventy workers constructing Smith’s dream castle also became victims of the flu. In the end, William Kellie passed away from pneumonia. You can go look it up for more info. 😉

So for almost three hours standing there studying architecture and the magnificent work of William Kellie’s idea, I felt like I want to live in a castle too! If you could see clearly, the walls were still in so fine details! William Kellie was a man with vision and he was filled with so much hope that I truly respect.

Who knew sweating and debating with the sun was actually worth it when you are admiring architectural style Moorish Revival / Indo-Saracen! In this case, I stood at the incomplete castle thinking that William Kellie was sure a man with loads of vision with the hidden tunnels, the four-storey shaft and the magnificent view at the roof!

This is the (what I would like to call it) mansion because it was where William Kellie’s family stayed when they where in Malaya. I also pictured that if it was completed, it would be really ostentatious! I could even picture the bedrooms and what not.

O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy name; Or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love and I’ll no longer be a Capulet.

Of course being Winnie, I tend to find escape at well…let’s just say shrewed way. Yes, I was reluctant to use the front entrance as I was looking for the “emergency-escape-door” and so countless of times I ended twirling around and around in circles. Need I mention how I even ended up in the underground room like the picture up there?

Up to scratch, if I was a princess, I would get lost in my own castle. Seriously. If all the doors were painted in the same colour and they all look the same…I wouldn’t be able to locate the bathroom without a head start of half an hour! No joke.

Last of all, Kellie’s Castle was a man’s broken dream but let me tell you this. I am sure that William Kellie’s dream was a dream come true. Though incomplete, it was still a dream and he made it come true! Now I know why couples want their wedding shots to be taken in Kellie’s Castle. Out of imperfection, it was still a dream come true! 😀


4 thoughts on “A man’s broken dream.

  1. Winnie! How was the trip? Looks like a really nice outing. Shopped a lot?
    Also, I see the Malaysia and Perak flags on a British – ish castle! Real Awesome.

    1. GASPS! AERIN! it’s been a long time since you actually dropped by! HAHA 😀 Yes, i did shopped a lot 😀 OH OH! When is our next outing? 🙂

  2. haha. i drop by a lot. (but i’d rather not look like a stalker so i rarely make comments :P) Shopped a lot? hahah.. much better shopping place then pyramid i see. Our next outing… next year? i’m out of money. heheh..

    1. OH OH OH OH OH! 😀 YAAAY! I have a silent reader! Actually, I have a lot of silent readers actually. Hehehe! Sigh. I’m broke too actually 😦

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