Boy Bands Of The 90’s.

I was watching the AMA’s 2010 just a while ago. I must say, it was pretty good! Though there was a disappointment as I was really hoping Lady Gaga would win. But everyone was great! No doubt about that! 😀 I love Pink’s performance too! It made make me hold up my glass of water and shouting “RAISE YOUR GLASS” along with her, literally 😉

Nonetheless, the best performance was by my all time favourite, Backstreet Boys and New Kids On The Block! I was couldn’t believe my eyes because it was a bolt from the blue that the Backstreet Boys were performing! The whole amalgamation of all those songs like I Want It That Way, Larger Than Life and Step by Step deserve two thumbs up!

All my life, I grew up listening to boy bands like ‘N Sync, Backstreey Boys, New Kids On The Block and Westlife. Of course some of you may grow up listening to Britney Spears but I’m a girl who grew up with masses of boy bands! Westlife was my very first boy band I listened to. The first cassette was Uptown Girl and boy, did we remembered every song from that album! No joke. I could sing every song that was on that tape 😀

The second boy band is Backstreet Boys. And the very first album I had from them was Millennium. You wouldn’t believe if I told you I could also remember the songs that was in that album 😀 No joke. I was a Backstreet Boys fanatic fan (I still am!) who could remember every detail of them. Yes, be shock! If only history was just as awesome as the Backstreet Boys. I bet it wouldn’t be a bore rigid anymore.

Of course you could still ask me details about them and I wouldn’t shilly-shally in answering them. Though I have to warn you that I’m rusty. Other than that, I think my memory of them would be good 8) The second when I saw Backstreet Boys come on stage once more in front of so many people, I have to say, you boys have never failed an old fan here! Although, Kevin’s not in the band anymore but I thought you guys did fantastic!

Let’s not forget how amazing New Kids On The Block too! Believe me, when I saw all of you guys up there, I clapped along with the crowd! Scrupulously, other boy bands nowadays aren’t that good as those boy bands back in the days. I mean, no one could be those songs like Step By Step, Backstreet’s Back, Bye Bye Bye and When You’re Looking Like That. Agree? 8)


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