Dear mind,

Please don’t make Winnie list all those pros and cons. It’s nothing bad right? It’s just tuition. But I want the holidays too! Crap, I hate this. I mean I could see my results. If I can’t be like my brother, man, oodles comments will be flooding me. This is plain stupid. Okay, I know that every Tom says it feels good when you get those A’s.

But the fact that I don’t want to be “Super-Nerd” anxiety, get me? And on top of all sovereigns, you will never guess who will be teaching me. Yes Lisa Ameera, it’s freaking hell as you may call it. Both fiend and seraph have their points. But of course the fiend is wrong. Okay Winnie. You’re hyperventilating again.

You grew up with Marvel Comics. If those super heroes could fight the most dangerous villains, what is 3 weeks of a little extra stress? Afterall, no pain no gain.


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