Sea, beach and everything in it.

Looking back on previous posts, it was just ridiculous on how much I’ve blogged about the sea. I know some of you are wondering how much can a person love the sea? But hey, if pirates can, I think I can too! 😀 Oh, don’t you be surprise if I end up like Captain Jack Sparrow one day with a rum bottle in one hand! 😉

Ah, Charlie St. Cloud. It’s a pretty good movie, I must say! I bet Ben Sherwood loves the sea too! 😀 Couple of times, I’ve asked mummy about sailing which the answer comes with it is a definite on no account as the wherewithal is high. Oh well…next time, Winnie :)Hmm…that picture up there reminds me of Uncle Ben and his “Windows 98”.

Uncle Ben, when I’m there, you better teach me how to sail, alright? Besides, I’ve survived countless of overexposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. So, sunburn is nothing to me now. Yes, I’m a girl who can swim for 4 hours under the hot blazing 2 in the afternoon sun and not put sun block 😉 Though, I can’t deny the fact that it hurts when your skin peels off but I think I’m used to that.

The other thing about the sea is, that it’s always picturesque. Nevertheless, I still have yet to try surfing on a real Hawaiian roller coaster ride. But if you have dived deep down and just see how exquisite things are down there, you too would love it!

Alternatively, I can never seem to find the right patience to go for deep sea fishing. Uncle Sunny have told me once how fishing was an all-encompassing experience. I’ll give fishing a shot when I’m killing time during the diurnal hours. Above and beyond, there is also vex bug in me bugging to try new things!

Consequently yes, I could list you a million of whys and wherefores about the sea but right now, I shall just stop here. So tell me, who doesn’t love going to the beach? 8)


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