Row of lamps.

Ah…the joy of festive seasons. Where smiles are ubiquitous. To top that, the feeling of elation that are just bursting in you. Well, like most festival celebrations, this year, I celebrated my first Diwali celebration at Hiru’s. Though I’ve been invited to many over the past year (Sorry Ruthi), I never seem to make it.

The last I remember was, I had call asking where was I when I was suppose to be eating scrumptious curry and my reply was a minimum of a two hour journey away from home. So basically, this is the first time. I know, it seem strange that I was being brought up experiencing so many festivals around the year and yet I was never be able to celebrate even Diwali.

But dread not. This year, I celebrated it with colours, smiles, food and of course who would ever forget about friends 😀 Diwali, the festival of lights, is indeed on festival filled voluminous colours. I have yet to celebrate it in India and I want to light up my own kandeel. This year, unquestionably, I didn’t get to light up my own kandeel or wear a sari but hey, I manage to savor Hiru’s mum’s awesome prawns!

Take note : These are the awesome prawns that we incessantly ate. Oh and that’s Mon’s plate. Talk about good food eh? 😉

Now I’m feelin so fly like a G6
And let’s not overlook that Hiru and I spent time playing Tap Tap Revenge on Jas’ iPhone which was hilarious! Sorry, Hiru. But when I comes to texting, I think girls are faster 😛

Let’s ignore that fact on how I could utterly forget about fireworks! I mean, seriously! Every festival celebration is always filled with grotesque popping sounds of lighting up those tiny tripwire look-a-likes.

Before I stop here, I have one final touch. See those happy smiles up there? Crooked or epic those smiles look to you, but take my word for it, nothing beats any celebration without laughter!

I have indeed fed myself with cookies, snacks and the yellowish orange of curry. I assure you, I think I’ve gained weight. Spending 4 hours running around with a box of ‘Pop Pop’ in your hand was just plain merriment. I truly had blast celebrating Diwali this year 🙂 Next up, Hanukkah? 8)

Credtis to Jasmine Teo for the awesome pictures 😀


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