You better there.

I saw that album at the CD shop just a while ago. I looked at the price of it and how much money I had in my handbag. I took it out from the shelf and felt it and I fixated at it. Then I opened and took out my money. I counted and counted. My eyes looked back and forth ; At the money and at the album. Suddenly, the thought of wanting it for the past 5 months have just ended right there.

I remembered when it was first released. I went bizarre over it and going all “I WANT IT!”. Just a while ago, I stood there thinking after 5 month of eying on it, I fastidiously place it back on the shelf. Sighs, I know I’m an ultimate Jack Johnson fan but all I could was just stare at it on the shelf. Maybe I’ll come back for you. Just not now. But soon. 🙂


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