All The Words.

‘Hurt’ is a word where ‘pain’ is its companion. ‘Scars’ on the other hand, is something that ‘hurt’ leave behind after it has done its job. After being friends with ‘pain’ for a while, one tends to realize that he/she decided to pick his/her self up from that free fall. So ‘pain’ then left room for another word. ‘Sorry’. Now, ‘sorry’ is another word where people just use it to make the other person would feel better. Have one ever thought that ‘sorry’ doesn’t have to come along when one did not hurt in the first place? Contrariwise ‘forgive’ is also another word which is a long lost friend of ‘sorry’. ‘Move on’ decided to pay all its friends a little visit. It’s always something that never fits in properly.

Look, I know ‘sorry’ is all you could do. Maybe I’ll forgive you one day but right now, all I have to say, sometimes ‘sorry’ doesn’t help. You wanted to make a big deal of it. So there you have it. You made a show and right now, I’m walking out on it.


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