There’s just something I have to clear.

I believe and karma. I mean, hey, fine. Go be mad. I’m tired of being mad at you because sometimes I look at it, this is ridiculous. You saying mean things just to antagonized me is well…shall we say…a little old school? Oh besides, after being so angry for these past days has made me say “Hey, I don’t care!”. If you want to know, you can hate all you want. You can even curse all you want.

Because I know, at the end of the day, karma will pay you a visit and by then you’ll be sorry. Sometimes I even wonder why you’re even my friend. But knowing me, I’ll eventually let go of it. If you say sorry I’ll forgive but it doesn’t mean that the scar will be gone. You can say anything behind my back and be that “girl” in you but just to let you know, my life is way more important for you to be in it.

PS : Try having people ditching you at the very last minute and till now, they still don’t have the nerves to come up to you to say sorry. Tell me how that feel, alright? I bet it’ll hurts so much that you wouldn’t even be able to face them the same way as before.

Till then, have a wonderful day.


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