Like a starry sky.

Maybe I’m blind, maybe I’m blind. Oh I couldn’t see you shine and shimmer right in front of my eyes ; front of my eyes, oh no. I thought I saw light, thought I saw light, oh. It was a faded mirror just a dim reflection but, but you shine, you shine so much brighter, Oh. So honey let me sing you a song, and listen to my words as they come out wrong, but don’t run away, run away, this time. And Honey let me look in your eyes. You can open them one at a time, but don’t look away, look away, this time. Matt Hires – Honey Let Me Sing You A Song.

I’ve been listening to indie and mellow songs. I’ve also soaked my weekends up with romantic movies or shall I say chick flicks? 😀 Though, I know finals are in two days but hey, everyone needs to relax right? My eye bags are getting more visible too. Yes Mer, you’re to blame. Staying up with you thinking of the first word that comes to my mind is darn hilarious! 😀

I can’t wait till all the exams are over. Deidrea, Mer and I will be doing mad things! And I’m still keeping my fingers crossed so I’ll pay Jason a visit 🙂 I probably should get back to Maths now. But right now, I’m going to have century eggs with soy sauce and sesame seed oil 8)


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