And your heart’s left in doubt.

The Lantency – Fork In The Road.

Okay look. I’m a strong girl. I can pick myself up when I fall. But there are some things I can forgive but what you did was just something…that I don’t think I can even forgive you. To top that, you didn’t even bother saying sorry. You didn’t even come up to me face to face saying “Hey, look Winnie, I’m sorry alright?”. It’s not that hard unless you did it on purpose and you don’t have the guts to say sorry. I mean after all, it’s not like you care right?

PS : See that post below? It’s a birthday post. mind you, I did a post about my sweet sixteen but I didn’t go in to real details. So you want to read it? Give me a real good reason to read it. 8)


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