Wait for fate to find me.

I started up my hollow. A piece of wood to follow. A day that doesn’t come to the lucky. And I realize there’s tomorrow but I would rather wallow in the rain than moods that seem so pot lucky. Well, I’m cruisin’ El Paseo in my off-white coupe back ’65. Oh, I’m cruisin’ down my own street and my hoopty says to me ; You better hang on to your bench seat, I’m gonna take you for a ride. And I’ll let you know when it comes. When it comes I’ll let you know but don’t stay up for me. Don’t wait up for me if I’m not home. – Tyler Hilton : When It Comes.

I’ve heard his songs a couple of times and then I got addicted to them. So all in all, Tyler Hilton is the new singer I’m addicted to. 8)


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