First and foremost, Natasha Tong! HAPPY SWEET SIXTEEN! Have an awesome one! Anyways, I would like to say thank you for being my friend for all these years. I remember the first time I met you. Back in Form One. Oh, how I miss those times. 😀 All the fun! This year too! You were my class mates (and you still are!). May all your dreams come true and babe, never ever let go that star 😉

Secondly, a certain someone special has the same birthday today too! And that is, my lovely Literature teacher, Pn. Khoo! Today, in tuition, we celebrated your birthday. Teacher, I hope you had a blast today and I thank you for being my English teacher and my literature teacher too. I don’t have a picture of you but I would like to personally take this time to say, I really had a blast today. I’m sorry if I had rebellious (Who wouldn’t be when you’re 16 right?) 😀 And teacher, “Happy Sweet Sixteen” 8) I love you!


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