That’s what I feel like everyday! I love school this year 😀 Sighs, the sad thing is time is never on one’s side. The next thing I’ll know, it’s prom and there goes High School 😦 Everything seems so fast! I want to stay at Form Four. Wait, who doesn’t? It’s the end of the 6 months of 2010 and here I am, begging that time wouldn’t fly that fast. I met a bunch of friends that I would never guess I’ll end up being really close with. When I mean close, I mean really close!

Yesterday, my eyes finally opened when Hiru, Danny and I talked about prom and what it’ll be like 5 years from now. Gosh, where would we be then? Yesterday also, Chien and I talked about life and we laughed at our little inside jokes. Mon and I on the other hand, talked about all the things happened this year (Such as how we became close) Questions flooded my mind somehow. What will happen next year? Will we be having steamboat dinner and watch movies with all the guys?

Will we sit down and laugh without caring about the world? Will we be this bunch of friends that will still tell each other everything and have each others’ back no matter what? Will we sit down on the same table and just talk where we share our little secrets? Well, what I know, I don’t want it to end yet.


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