Memory Course.

Heyleboo! I shall start by continuing from the post below (Little Fellow). Many of you have been asking me what have I done during the 2 weeks holidays. For starters, I went for a Memory Course. Well, I really didn’t want to but then, I said “Hey, let’s give a try!” and besides, home gets boring after a while. So anyways, the course lasted for 3 days. 9 hours each day. I know you’re probably thinking I’m mad. 9 hours of sitting down and listening. Trust me even I can’t stand it.

But little did I know, 9 hours was pretty short. My first impression of the class on the first day was well….very quiet. And I was begging so I could be back in NHA. But when the second and third day came, boy…was it AWESOME! 😀 I got to know everyone and I got everyone’s contact! On the second day however, I was the Prime Minister of my team so, I had to wait for Daniel’s text for what to bring the next day. The text got to me and I was told to bring magazines and text books!

And guess what my lovely team mate, Hassan, brought? His school magazine!

Gosh! Hassan! You’re gonna cut out pictures from your school magazine?!
No way man! You’re not going to!
Okay then.
Here. take this. Thank God I brought extra magazines.

And guess who I stubble on in the magazine? Syafiq’s class picture! 😀

So, after flipping through pages of the magazine, Rebecca and I spotted Hassan’s pictures! Sorry Hassan, but we couldn’t help laughing! 🙂

And these are my team mates. 😀

Hassan, Nhavin and Siva.

And this is Rebecca being a volunteer for a magic trick that was done by Mr. Das.

I also secretly snapped shots of the class. 🙂

Manu, if you’re reading this, that’s you right there! 😀

Everyone looks bored in this picture especially Nabil.

I had fun. Three days of course was wonderful (minus the fact that I had to wake up so early on the holidays) I can’t wait till next two weeks. I’m seeing all of you guys again! Advance course, here I come! 😀


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