Gold coins.

It’s one of those days. Where you just wish you could just runaway. Shut everyone and their shits out and blast your iPod so you couldn’t listen to them. Tears have become your best friend. You take your fallen eye lash, close your eyes and make a wish. You hope that it will be true. You wish you could go to that very favourite place where you can be free from worries, just like a great escape. All you want is life wouldn’t have to be itself. No broken camera, no shits and no tears. Sometimes, I want to pretend that airplanes, in the night sky are like shooting stars. I could really use a wish right now.


3 thoughts on “Gold coins.

    1. OMG! MICHIGAN! I MISS YOU SO FREAKING MUCH! I want you to come back NOW D; I’m kindda into football now 😀 (yes, I know you’re happy)

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