Half Dead.

I have to admit that my blog is pretty dead am I right? It’s always so busy nowadays that I barely get the time to blog. Or even if I do, I don’t know what to blog about. Well, do forgive me kay? Anyways, I want to watch Dear John!!

Sighs, I don’t think it’s out we have the movie here in Malaysia. Bummer. 😦 Oh well, let’s move on shall we? So let I shall update you about what I’ve been up to during this week. My week was hectic but fun. 😀

On Friday, I went out lunch with Bryan, Kelvin, Jing Yi, Chien, and Mon. Mon came late so I was stuck with the guys for 45 minutes. Chien was laughing so much when Kelvin’s Rottweiler came after me. Hey! I don’t mess with Rottweilers and German Shepherd unless they’re mine -.-

But seriously, that huge Rottweiler came after me! It ain’t funny. Okay fine. It maybe friendly to you guys but still! We had bak kut teh because we just have the urge to have it 😀 Monica, poor girl right? *Inside joke* 😀

Aisyah here came up with her Maggi Goreng idea for Canteen Day and guess what? WE WERE PILLED WITH CUSTOMERS! Even the drinks counter!

Bryan : Eh! I can’t find our stall!
Bryan : OH! I found it.

Our tent were the only one which said Maggi and it was in bright yellow. Aaron, Jing Yi, Xiao Shan, Monica, Bryan, Hiru, Aisyah and I served people. Mon and I even delivered cups of drinks to the tables! HAHAHA! It was so fun! And Chien got to dunk Mon into the Dunk Tank! 😀 Everything was so awesome! We made a lot of money and uncle (Aisyah’s dad) was so nice!

After Canteen Day, I had to rush back to get ready for Ivan’s church Treasure Hunt. Both Ivan and I slept in the car because we were so wiped out. Arrived there and the first human I saw was Nick. Once again, Pastor richard never fail to make me laugh with his sermons. *Points at Ivan* You get me that pair of Converse and I’ll get your a pair of Levi’s jeans since you didn’t want to get me that pretty dress and Chanel handbag. So Converse shoes it is!

Ivan and I got “separated” so I was grouped up with Una, Wan Ting and Carrie. We started off pretty badly cause we didn’t know what to do. After a while, we were on track.

Winnie : *Throws ball and miss the cans*

Oh c’mon. I can’t aim properly and that’s why I’m not a basketball player. Well, we got 17 stickers so we were pretty proud 😀

Well, I’m off to bed now. Tomorrow’s Monday and assembly is scribbled all over it. On the bright side, I got to see the whole lot of people! 😉


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