Sighs, we didn’t get to do our shopping trip 😦 Oh well, at least I’ll know you’ll probably be coming back next year. (Michael, do take note! YOU’RE TREATING US TO LUNCH! 😀 ) Oh God, I’m going to miss you all. If you’re coming back next summer, we’ll be heading to Lagoon and all the theme parks. Even to Genting! First, we all HAVE to start working out! We’re going to drown ourselves in good ol’ Malaysian food! So prepare to gain weight! 😀 Well, though I didn’t hang out with you much, I had fun. Especially during the dinner. Hey you, do have a save trip back home, kay? Marilyn Beh! I ♥ you.

PS : I’m probably going to FedEx the gifts over! 😀


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  1. haha!! i AM going back next summer definately 😛 ive got full time work this summer and the boss had said he wanted me to work weekends aswell and by tht time i should have over £2 grand by next summer ! xD tht is if i dont spend it all 😛 ! So we can go ANYWHERE when i get back :p hehehe xxx

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