Cause You Don’t Know What It’s Like.

Here’s something. Let’s switch places and you being me for a day and tell me what it’s like kay? Tell me what’s like to study your ass for the monthly exams. All they care about is your brother’s results and start comparing. Tell me how that feel kay?

Let’s have you being in my place where even teachers expects you to be like your brother. Let’s have you working your ass off just to prove a teacher that she’s wrong. And yes, let’s have you being there having a headache that leads to a fever and not having sleep. Tell me how that feel kay?

Just because I was pissed because I didn’t have such a nice day, you make it such a big deal. Oh gee, I wonder how I felt when you told me I wouldn’t be able to get A’s in SPM next year. Ever wondered why sometimes I just wish school hours were longer so I just laugh with my friends and forget about the world?


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