When I toyed around with Sejarah!

Gosh, I’m exhausted. Exams have been draining my brain juices. I shall not talk about exams because it will be driving me nuts by then. As the title said, I’m going to tell you about how I had fun with Sejarah. Surprisingly, I actually just said that Sejarah is fun. Well, if you go to the places instead of reading them in your books, then of course it’s fun! Take it from someone who doesn’t like reading her history textbooks.

*Grabs Form 2 Sejarah textbook like an impetuous person.* AHA! I found it. Okay people. Go grab your Sejarah textbook (Form 2) for I am going to tell you about the Kapal Korek or in English we call it thw Dredge Ship. Well, during 1930’s the British brought in the ship and build it in a mining lake in Malim Nawar, Perak.

When we went back to daddy’s hometown during Chinese New Year, we drove past the kapal korek and I started screaming going “OHMYGOSH! Look! Kapal korek! Sejarah!!” Yes. I was an utter jakun then. So daddy decided that we (Joyce, Jac, Kat and I) paid the old ship a visit. Let’s not forget you have to pay to enter the ship. It’s affordable. RM 5.00 for adults and RM 3.00 for kids.

It was built in the 1930’s and it started to operate in the year 1938 till 1992. Just to build that ship, it was more than RM 3 million. It weighs over 4500 tans and has 5 stories. Huge thing and the best about it, for that price you pay for the ticket, you get to explore the WHOLE entire thing. From head to toe!

Bijih timah (tin) ! The ship functioned as a mining ship and it was getting tin for the British.

A sketch of the whole ship. This sketch shows every single detail of the ship. From the machinery till the last bits of how did the whole thing worked.

After watching a video on how the ship worked, it was time to play with history!

The ship is as 75 meters in length and 35 meters in width.

Since Daddy was the only one who knew about machinery, he was able to explain everything. As for me, I just read what you would read in your Sejarah textbooks. I was too busy watching my steps and carefully not to fall down the stairs.

I don’t know what do you call these but they were used to dig up the tin that was in the mining lake. I never pictured it to be this large.

Climbing to the third story of the ship already gave me the feeling that I’ll fall because the ship had sunken to one side. So imagine us walking up to the fifth story. And when I was trying to walk up the stairs, I could feel that my whole body was slanting to one side. Talk about fear for heights!

Meet the cousins. Our sweat and “smile for Winnie’s blog” faces. 😀

And lastly, never forget to bring souvenirs home!

Well, the end of my Sejarah trip. I’m too lazy to post up all the pictures because most of them were pictures of me pressing buttons hopping something in the ship would move. 😛 Anyways, so as you can see, Sejarah is fun once you visit those historical places. Of course you’ll get bored when you always head to A Famosa. So try visiting the Kapal Korek. It’s fun and not to mention, it’s sure heck of exercise. Climbing up and down and exploring the whole ship. 😀 Next suggestion to the school, Lawatan Sambil Belajar!


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