5 seconds!

Hi Jason. *Waves* I got something to tell you. My Add Math paper spelled fail all over it. And I have doubts I’ll pass Physics. I could hear you saying “I loved Physics back then!”. Oh if you could’ve sat for the paper instead of me. Add Maths was well….maths. I came home and Google what is ellipse. And I read all about it and just stared at its equation. Gosh…There goes that 7 marks.

I don’t really want to comment on Bio. Yes Chien, I was trying to get an A for Bio earlier on that’s why my face was so stressed up. During Sejarah, Darshee came to my class. Since we couldn’t concentrate, we end up talking about “Carrefour” and “Ikea”. Oh c’mon guys. I CAN EMO. I know I can. No Winnie you can’t. Okay, fine. I can’t. I need to have a reason to emo.

So, I can’t simply emo at something/someone for no reason. 😀 AHA! I’ve proven my point. Oh guess what day is tomorrow? Yes, it’s Thursday. And guess what’s on Thursday? It’s “Carrefour” day! Gosh! You guys got me saying Carrefour now! I’m already naming people after buildings. Soon, I’ll start saying Cold Storage or Jusco!


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