I’m too tired to give a damn.

The papers starts tomorrow. And the first paper is BM followed by Add Math. God bless me and please let me pass Add Maths. Breathe, Winnie. You can do. You’re not a person who gives up. Unless…I panic. No no no no. You can’t panic. Life savers don’t panic. Take deep breaths. I’m going to try. Even if I fail, at least I know I tried. 😀

So just the other day I was telling mummy how people tend to say sorry so many times that you just know that they don’t mean it. Oh don’t give me “forgive one another” lecture. I don’t think I will forgive after whatever you did. It’s over the border. Alright fine. Since it’s unlike Winnie, I’ll forgive. Just not today or tomorrow or the day after or next week or next month. Sometimes, even I wonder whether people say sorry just for the sake of it or something else. And I even tend to wonder whether that person means it or not. I will…soon.

Oh well…I’m tired and too lazy to care anyways. So whatever. Right now, I want go shopping and for a movie and ditch revision. It’s time to drag Mun Han, Putra, Gary, Jeffrey and Aerin to the cinema and catch a movie together. Anyways, I best be going now. It’s time to worry about the Add Maths. Au Revior!

PS : JEANNIE FOO! Aww! I ♥ you and marshmallow too! 😀


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