What an awesome Friday!

I’m sorry for the lack of updates. I’m just to lazy to update lately due to the monthly test next week. Alrighty then. This week was filled with so much laughing! From me trying to be emo till boxers Thursday! Hilarious week! Gosh all the things we 4 Adilians do. Today, my lovely partner in crime, Victoria Chin (I forgotten your last name! šŸ˜¦ ) brought white Toblerones for me and Gobstoppers! Wohoo! I love you banyak-banyak. You made my day. And Bryan! Don’t insult my jawbreakers again. Vic had to go through all that trouble to save it for me. So be thankful that I shared it with you.

I’m pretty happy now because Jason just called me a while ago! I miss you. ): I didn’t know that you were serious on calling me from Brisbane.

“Hey Winnie!”
“OHGOD! You were serious about calling me!”

I was literally jumping about when I was talking to you, Jason. Yes, I was THAT excited! Oh come on! How often do you get to come back to Malaysia? And how often do I get calls from you? šŸ˜€ And furthermore, it was an expensive call too! Well, you claim it’s cheap but we all know when you call someone abroad, it’s always expensive. It was worth it though, right Jason? You get to hear my “wonderful” voice! And you have the Aussie accent! (: 30 minutes of random topics! I still feel guilty of not hanging out with you last December. The next time you come back here, I promise I’ll make time to go out for a movie with you. šŸ˜€

PS : Jason! I’m still up for that New York trip during Christmas this year! šŸ˜€


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