Star night, Star bright :)

As you all know, I’m a sea person. Yes, Aunty Lai Yin, I was busy dating with the beach. Anyways, since we got one week off form school, I decided to beg mum to go back to Cherating. It feels like my home town is in Cherating and not in Ipoh.

Every year (Without fail) we always go to Chearting. It’s like beach paradise for me. Of course there are times when I miss snorkeling and diving. So this time, we stayed at the Legend. I regretted not bring running shoes to run and did you know the beach is an awesome place to jog! See Winnie, bring shoes next time. But it is a holiday. Like daddy said, don’t work yourself too much. After that incident.

Moving on. So we ate at out all time kopitiam in Kuantan. Trust me, it so good. Way better than Old Town Kopitiam! And I’m already loving Nescafe ice. Gosh…Good old authentic kopitiam.

See that old man? I’m sorry if the picture is dark. He is the boss of Hai Peng Kopitiam. He’s old probably late 70’s but he still manages the shop. And he enjoys it when people eat with all kind of smiles. He’s one happy old man.

After all the eating, it was time for the beach and I did crab catching again.

Once upon a time, Winnie found little crab and decided to name it Philip. Soon after that, she found another friend for Philip. So, she decided to put them in her little cup with the other crabs. In her little plastic crab, there was this little crab that didn’t look like it wanted to move. She picked it up and found out that it was mummy crab with her tiny eggs placed between her legs. Winnie decided not to take the crabs home and released all of them. The End.

What a lame story I just created. Let’s move on….

This time, the beach was filled with people. But I’m pretty proud. It was not that dirty so thank you. ๐Ÿ˜€

Soon, before I knew it, it was already time to sleep. Of course you can’t do much when you’re stuck in your hotel room and doing your homework. I brought my books along with me due to the upcoming monthly test. Anyways, I decided to ditch homework and I decided to do some relaxing time (because I haven’t got the time back home).

So I drag myself to the balcony and sat on the chair to enjoy the night air. The quiet chirping of sparrows sleeping and the soothing sound of the waves slowly hugging the shore. And what could be better then the night sky above you is flooded with uncountable stars shimmering. You may think that I’m joking about these, but I’m not. It was that relaxing. Furthermore, the night air was cooling. That’s the beach. One of the many reasons why I’m a sea/beach person. ๐Ÿ˜€

Day 2 In The Legend.

Thank goodness mummy woke Kat and I early today. If not we would have to queue for the buffet breakfast.

Toast with butter ๐Ÿ˜€

Breakfast wasn’t that bad and wasn’t that good. The best so far is still Club Med. The oh so good buffet breakfast. After breakfast, Kat and I decided to walk on the beach. It seems forever to walk to the end of the beach. It was pretty good exercise except we got bitten by sand flies. Gosh, the bites were tremendously ITCHY. And if you scratch, it’ll swell up. Sighs…oh well.

Meet Sebastian. I named him after Sebastian from The Little Mermaid. He’s a hermit crab and he sure has an attitude like the on in the movie. He was like pinching my fingers with his pincers.

I COULD SEE CLUB MED FROM THE BEACH AT THE LEGEND HOTEL! I was even wondering how long it would take for me to swim across the sea to reach Club Med! Okay, Uncle Ben, you better start teaching me how to sail a boat!

So that was my two days in Cherating. You’re probably wondering why do I love the sea/beach so much, right? Well, here are some of my answers.

1. You get to see parents teaching kids how to build sandcastle or how to fly a kite.

2. You get to see all the smiles and hear all the laughter from everyone. Whether it was from a little girl or even an old man (:

And lastly,

It’s where I get be the kiddy Winnie ๐Ÿ˜€


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