And pocket full of smiles!

Michael Bublé ♥ 😀

Ivan’s church Valentine’s Day : It Had To Be You, was awesome. Aaron and Joey was pretty nice to talk to! On Sunday, I finally held my squash racquet after two weeks of not paying the squash court a visit. I miss coach. Today school was pretty musical. Jeffrey, I’m sorry I screamed at you. I mean it wasn’t my day today you know. SORRY!

Anyways, I really got to stop thinking too much. I have to start being the happy Winnie again. I don’t want to end up in the hospital next. After what the doctor said, it freaked me out. Better start relaxing Winnie. I’m coming sea. Talking about sea, JASON! How about we go to New York and have an awesome holiday on a cruise too!

That’ll be awesome! Well, I miss Jason. (See Jason? At least someone in Malaysia here misses you) Sea, here I come. I need to escape in a boat and go into the middle of the ocean and I’ll come back when I feel like it. Hmm…that’s a pretty good plan! 😀 Note to self : Bring your diving suit and the diving card! I need to relax. Before I end up in the hospital. Oh well, Chinese New Year holidays are coming soon.

So, Cherating beach, HERE I COME! Oh well, what do you know, thinking of the sea does make me happy! 😀


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