japanese or french? FRENCH! :D

Dear Aiyee Wn Hsi,

I’m sorry. I tried making a cbox for my blog and then… it didn’t turn out well. So no cbox for WordPress. Oh well, it’s okay. You can still talk to me here. We’re free on Saturdays now. Every Saturday. And you can come and see us on the 9th. And then we’ll go shopping! Yeap. Wil is currently in Taylor’s. He says it’s tiring. College life I mean. I guess he wants to do something in the medical field like me. Not sure what…but we’ll see. 😀 now, we’re pretty free on the weekend. (I forced mummy not to put tuition on Saturdays now.) 🙂 Well, we’re all enjoying our studying life now. 😀 There there aiyee *Pats* It’s okay. Look on the bright side, you can get your own pay check and not to worry about asking your parents for money! 😀 I haven’t been doing shopping. I’m saving. I’m saving for Marilyn to come back here and going shopping with you. I spent too much during the PMR holidays. Gosh. I can’t wait to see my beautiful aiyee.

PS: Wilson says “HI AIYEE!” 🙂



Guess who’s here!

Yes. My lovely lovely cousin from Ipoh is up here because we have a wedding dinner to attend. I don’t think I’m going. For once, I’m so lazy to start thinking which dress to pick. Oh well, she’s here. With Jac too. Gosh. Once my cousins are here, I’ll talk non-stop. Yes yes. I’m a chatterbox. 😀

I think I need a shopping trip. It’s been a while since I did some shopping. I need new Birkenstocks. Mine is already too small for me!! It’s not even 3 months and my feet and growing. Gosh. Now I know why my Nikes says : UK 8.5 . Yeah I know. My feet are huge. Oh well, new Birkenstocks here I come! Have I mention I still haven’t found Marilyn’s birthday present? And God knows when she’s going to get back!

She doesn’t want to tell me when she’ll get back here! But I have a feeling it’s REALLY soon. Winnie, it’s time you get your lazy butt and walk to Subang Parade and go for shopping. Believe me, Subang Parade is so not boring. If you know where to look, you’ll find LOADS of things to shop! Ask Hoong Hoi! HAHAH! Oh well, tata! 🙂


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